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Friday, February 7, 2014

Florals Made Cold Weather Appropriate by...(you guessed it!) Navy!!!

This sweater is something I found at Old Navy a few weeks ago, when I found a lot of other things I didn't "need" didn't know my closet was missing! Two of them being this navy blue sweater & peacoat. And a navy blue down vest.

I feel like you're judging me for buying so much navy.


Haven't you heard navy is the new black??

Affirming my love of the dark hue of blue is my sweet godmother. She texted me a few days after this post and told me that we must be related, since she's always loved navy! She's got great style and we love to talk fashion and shopping, especially our fave, Lilly Pulitzer. She's also who I have to thank for introducing me to the magical land that is Nordstrom.

*sighs & dreams*

So, thanks for always talking clothes with me, Auntie!

the newest addition to my modest coat collection - it's love

On a different note, I REALLY liked this outfit. I really want to repeat it, or recreate something similar with some of these pieces (and soon!), and then wear the heck out of this skirt in the spring and summer. I mean, are florals better suited for any other season(s)? 
Except for when you pair them with a warm sweater in a darker shade, tights and boots, that is ;)

sweater: Old Navy sort of similar below
skirt: J CREW Factory similar below
boots: Rack Room Shoes similar below
scarf: gift similar below
coat: Old Navy similar below


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Triple Print Mixing Triple Threat

sorority girl pose - as natural as breathin'

I did a side braid, and then braided that into a bigger french braid

I mixed THREE whole prints in this number! THREE! Granted, 2 of them are polka dots, but they're different sizes, so I say it counts :) My shirt has some white stripes, hard to see, I know, but trust me, they're there. I even got complimented on this outfit by a total stranger, in the bathroom, at the public library. Odd, yes? Flattering? You betcha ;)

This blazer is from Aeropostale. I knew it would be a great addition to my closet as soon as I saw it, since it can go over the top of just about anything (and it's really soft). I'm looking forward to wearing it as a light jacket, or as a blazer. 

Now, you'll never hear me say I love cold weather. I am a sun&sand&heat&summer-lover, through and through. That being said, I AM excited to wear this jacket, and some other new things I've acquired, in the cooler months. There's not much like wearing new clothes for the first few times, am I right? And also, being that I live somewhere where it can snow in October just as easily as January or May, or even June, I'm very comfortable layering and thinking of clothes in terms of what I can wear them under or over. So, I am a wee bit excited to layer and wear scarves and add more depth to my outfits without sweating in the heat ;)

shirt: WalMart
blazer: c/o Aeropostale
scarf: c/o Aeropostale
pants: Old Navy via Plato's Closet
sandals: Sears

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