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Sunday, February 22, 2015

most goodest

Yes, this outfit is a good one, and I did feel great wearing it.
But mostly I just want to show off my two pups.

There's the one who's great on a leash, and the other who just ambles whichever way he pleases.
The one who keeps up a good pace, and the other who drags along slowly behind.
The older, more distinguished one, and the young one who can't get enough attention.
They're just the best-est, most good-est, handsome, perfect, sweet pups ever. As I type this, they're both snoozing up a storm in front of the fireplace, cozy as can be.

Back to my outfit. This top, last seen here, is a favorite. Plus black pants (how did I ever live before I had black skinnies??). A scarf, leopard print flats, and this fabulous faux leather jacket from Aéropostale, plus sunglasses, make this a pretty great, yet simple, ensemble.

Oh oh, and sunshine.

Sunshine, cute outfit, and my boys. 'Twas a good day.

shirt: GG Boutique
jacket: c/o Aéropostale
scarf: gift
pants: Target
sunglasses: Target

Friday, October 31, 2014

30 for 30: day 17

Happy Halloween!! We're really looking forward to trick-or-treaters at our house for the first time! We never got them at our apartment, so this is a "first" for us!

The Mr. brought the pup to my office on a Friday afternoon and he (Turbo) made the rounds to say hello - most people heard him before they saw him... We were planning to go watch a parade with the pup and were even on our way there on this lovely fall day when I got the wild idea that we should instead head to a patio for a beer.
Or five.

So, instead of watching a parade, we did some patio drinking and eating. We met up with friends, ate some fried food, drank some beers, and were really entertained by all the people passing by who wanted to love on The Turbs.

He lapped it all up - when people would leave after petting him, he'd bark after them as if to say "Wait, what? You've leaving? Have you SEEN how adorable I am with my tongue sticking out?! I mean, look at me." 

I'd thrown the sweater and jeans in my car that morning before heading to work, knowing that I'm always cold and that the sun would set while we were still out. I'm so glad I had the extra layers and pants - sitting on the patio got pretty chilly, but I was bundled up (a jacket AND another scarf on top of this leopard one). But I wasn't too cold, and wound up with another outfit to share on this here blog. Another two-fer, right there.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

30 for 30: day 8

Handsome just loves to be outside.
he loves to sit in the sunshine and roll in the grass.
I just love this wrinkley face and funky tongue.

We've been having some really lovely weather this fall (no snow yet!). I'm starting to see why everyone just loooooves fall. I'm not quite there. Yet...

But you know what I do love? That handsome white bulldog up there :)

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