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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dressing for America's Birthday, Part I

Since this Friday is the 4th of July / America’s Birthday / Independence Day / one of the best days of the year, I thought I’d share at least TWO patriotic / festive outfit ideas with y’all (one today, and anothertomorrow). And I thought I’d share them early for two reasons:

1) So you have time to go shopping for your festive gear if you are lacking in that department.

2) I plan to be on a boat or on the beach (or both!) for the 4th in a festive bikini with one of my best friends and family, so, there won’t really be much of an outfit to share…Of course, I’ll be Instagramming & Tweeting pics of boating, day drinking, floating, beaching, frolicking, celebrating, and general debauchery.

Up first, a layered look. White pants, a festive burnout tank with stars (so. much. glitter. everywhere), and a chambray thrown over the top. I went with metallic sandals to tie in the stars in my shirt, but I was this close to wearing red wedges. Obviously, comfort won out – as it typically does for me...

Check out last year’s festive 4th of July get-ups: here and here

star tank: WalMart
chambray: thrifted
pants: Old Navy
Cleopatra sandals: Target

Friday, April 5, 2013

Purple & Pups

Purple 2 days in a row – supporting the Rockies, you know ;) 
We can only hope there's another Rocktober in our future!

I do LOVE baseball, but I don’t really follow professional ball. I’ll watch the Rockies if they happen to be on TV, and I love going to games, but overall, I’m a very fair weather fan. Must be all my brother’s games I sat through - I can’t tell you how many baseball games I’ve watched between him playing baseball, and me playing softball (thousands! millions?). And there were the multiple summers he played legion ball, and they had double headers. 


Handsome making an appearance. But not showing off his good side.


I LOVE these sparkly flats. LOVE LOVE LOVE em.

And here's Pretty Girl & me - sniffing anything & everything.

I wore the scarf at work today (my office is freezing!), and the more layers I can wear, the better.

If you're wondering, they walk very slowly. They don't run - they "sprint" for 10 yards, then they're done. Not good running buddies, which is a bummer. 
Not that I'm fast, but I'm much faster than them...

Apologies for the many fuzzy, unedited photos - my Mr. and I both lack photography skills. We're using a pink SONY Cybershot from 2007. Not kidding.

Sweater: Coldwater Creek (from Mom)
Tank: Kohl’s
Jeans: Celebrity Pink, via Trends
Shoes: Kmart
Scarf: thrifted from ARC