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Sunday, August 23, 2015

lace on white

I won't say "Something about all white screams summer to me," because, obviously, it does.
I WILL, however, say, "Pairing white with cream with tan + different size beads + some texture really makes for a sweet outfit" instead.

It's white-on-white, with a wee twist - cream on tan on lace on white on beads. This gives this look an "Oh, I just threw these things together and they look great" vibe, which is my favorite. Outfits that look great, but take minimal effort (really! the hardest part was not spilling red wine on my pants...) are the best.
For reals.

shirt: gift
pants: Old Navy
necklace: WalMart
sandals: Kohl;s

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

easy summer dressing

Is there anything that screams "SUMMER" more than white pants? Methinks no. And pairing those white pants with a light blouse that make your eyes pop is a no-brainer. And of course, a light jacket for this chilly air-conditioned offices.

Ta da! Easy summer dressing, all in a day's work!

blue shirt: Eddie Bauer
white pants: Old Navy
white sandals: DSW
jacket: thrifted (Land's End)

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

a bulldog to match my pants

Hi hi! I'm back! Back again after a lovely vacation with great friends. I'm happy to be home, but not looking forward to re-entering the real world. But, blogging and watching NetFlix is a good first step, right?

Anyways - that handsome pup up there matches my white pants. No, I didn't wear them to play in the grass with him, but I did throw his tennis ball quite a few times.

And also, I'm on the look out for new white pants. These work for now, but just know that I'm hoping to replace them sometime in the near future.

purple button-up: from a friend, who got it from American Eagle
white pants: Old Navy
black sandals: Kohl's
necklace: borrowed from Rocksbox

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

30 for 30: day 12 & day 13

day 12
Day 12, I barely made it out of my pajamas, let alone make it out of my running gear...
a la Jimmy Fallon and (video HERE).
New favorite saying at our house.

day 13


Not my favorite outfit from this challenge. I think both the chambray and the pants are a bit big, and don't flatter my figure very well - I look a bit shapeless I think. However, they say wide-legged trousers are coming back, soooo, good thing I hung on to mine from high school, right?! Right.

Also, thanks to my bestie for taking these sunset-time pictures for me :) I tried to do a creative writing post, I kept coming up short. Womp womp.

See my list of 30 items here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

chambray and white jeans x2






Without realizing it, I wore a chambray and white jeans twice, exactly one week apart. The first with a lighter chambray, the second with a darker chambray and new floral scarf. I mean…if you love chambray like I do, then you should pair it with everything. And often.

chambray: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
white jeans: Old Navy
sandals: Target

chambray: thrifted
scarf: Target
white jeans: Old Navy
red wedges: thrifted

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dressing for America's Birthday, Part I

Since this Friday is the 4th of July / America’s Birthday / Independence Day / one of the best days of the year, I thought I’d share at least TWO patriotic / festive outfit ideas with y’all (one today, and anothertomorrow). And I thought I’d share them early for two reasons:

1) So you have time to go shopping for your festive gear if you are lacking in that department.

2) I plan to be on a boat or on the beach (or both!) for the 4th in a festive bikini with one of my best friends and family, so, there won’t really be much of an outfit to share…Of course, I’ll be Instagramming & Tweeting pics of boating, day drinking, floating, beaching, frolicking, celebrating, and general debauchery.

Up first, a layered look. White pants, a festive burnout tank with stars (so. much. glitter. everywhere), and a chambray thrown over the top. I went with metallic sandals to tie in the stars in my shirt, but I was this close to wearing red wedges. Obviously, comfort won out – as it typically does for me...

Check out last year’s festive 4th of July get-ups: here and here

star tank: WalMart
chambray: thrifted
pants: Old Navy
Cleopatra sandals: Target

Friday, December 27, 2013

Mr. Picks Mondays: Belated Black & White

I realize this latest installment of Mr. Picks Mondays is a few days late, but, as Wednesday was Christmas, my schedule has been all sorts of catawumpus. I've been thrown out of wack - having time off from work has allowed me to take a nap (almost) every day, lounge, have long lunches with old friends, and snuggle with my pups in the middle of the day. 
Let me just say, I'm loving having a few extra days off.

My Mr. pulled this out of the closet for me to wear. I'm really trying to "winter-ize" my white pants and wear them into winter, but they are such a mental hurdle for me! I just want to wear them with loose & flowy summer tops and sandals. I KNOW it's possible (and even chic!) to wear them in the winter, I'm just having a hard time making myself comfortable with it. Any tips?? And also, I tend to spill anything&everything on white pants, so, there's that...

Actually, let me clarify what I said above ^ My Mr. chose the polka dot top and white pants. I added the blazer, shoes, and the striped top underneath for some black & white print mixing - adds a bit of dimension, dontcha think? ;) 

polka dot top: thrifted
striped top: Express
blazer: thrifted (Target)
pants: Old Navy 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[juxta]posing in October

I forget to mention in yesterday's post, but I'm more than halfway done with my 30 for 30 challenge! I'm excited to be almost done, although this has been a great exercise in wearing basics, and utilizing the basics & neutral colors I already have in my closet.

Veering away from what I said above, here's this bright/white/dark shirt/is it fall?/is it summer? outfit. I wore this on a very warm day at the end of October, proving that you CAN wear white after Labor Day. Just be sure to do it appropriately - intentionally, and with layers. 

This is the first time I've worn a scarf belted - ever tried it before? What did you think?

chambray: thrifted
scarf: gift
belt: thrifted
pants: Old Navy
sandals: Target

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saving 2nd Base

As many of you know, October is a BIG month for breast cancer education, awareness, research, and fundraising. What you might not know, is that my sorority (Zeta Tau Alpha)'s national philanthropy is breast cancer education & awareness. What you also might not know, is that several NFL teams have paired up with ZTA for a "pink-out game." Depending on the organization, some teams keep it low-key, while other teams go all out and sports pink jerseys & cleats. The Broncos allowed us to hand out ribbons, magnets & programs at every gate of the stadium hours before the game, and for at least an hour after kick-off. There was a large number of active collegiate members, and a good group of us local alumni.

Zeta's philanthropy is one of the main reasons I chose ZTA over any other house during recruitment. Breast cancer is something that has affected several women in my family, and several women in friends' families, so the cause is near and dear to my heart. And pink is my most favorite color, so the match was really meant to be ;)

Luckily, I got paired at a gate with some of my good friends from the house, so it was really quite the fun little reunion. We handed out countless pink ribbons that say "Think Pink! Think Zeta!" which is trademarked by ZTA, so that's pretty cool. Another corporate sponsor of the event was USBank, and they were with us, handing out pink ribbon magnets - mine is proudly displayed on my car (one on my husband's car, too). 

The downfall to the day was that inside our gate to the stadium, we were completely in the shade. So, within 20 minutes we had chattering teeth and numb fingers - not conducive to handing out little safety-pinned ribbons. However, we took shifts warming up in the sunshine, and handed out pins, magnets & programs with smiles on our faces. It was really fun seeing some people get so excited to wear pink for a great cause, and even more fun seeing some dear friends I don't get to see too often.

the whole group before going into the stadium
the alumni group, with some active collegiate members in the background
this girl is one of my oldest friends from Zeta - we lived in the house together and spent many nights sneaking snacks from the kitchen, staying up late studying & writing papers, and early mornings going to an aerobics class :)
back at home, after the game. glad to have some downtime with my pups
the shirts we all wore

I made sure to layer up, because I knew it'd be really really warm, or really really cold (like always in Colorado!). I got stuck at a chillier gate and was still a little chilly, but at least I had some layers & a scarf to help ward off the chill!

I didn't stay for the game - my friends and I went to get a bite to eat at a sportsbar, then I headed out before the end of the game to avoid that awful post-game traffic. All in all, it was a good day, but I was pooped and slept like a baby that night :)

t-shirt: local ZTA alumni group with the Denver Broncos
chambray: thrifted
scarf: gift from my sis-in-law
pants: Old Navy
shoes: Nike via Finish Line

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