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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

take two

Both of my parents read this here blog. And sometimes my Mama will email me about my outfit choices. Found out this past week that she only emails me about the ones she IF I don't get an email, that means she didn't like it. She thought the last time I wore this dress (here) was rather bland, so here I paired it with a brown necklace (!!!) and snakeprint shoes. How'd I do, Mama? ;)

dress: Old Navy
shoes: WalMart
necklace: Target

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


So, I wore this dress backwards. The last time I wore it on the blog was here, and you can see the neckline is NOT a deep v-neck. But I really wanted to wear this dress for work, and I didn't think an open back would go over well. So I flipped it around and wore a light blue tank underneath. Can't wait to wear it again (without tights!) while it's still warm enough.

And apparently, my Mama's best friend's Mom (tracking?) wore her dress backwards at my Mama's best friend's wedding and she looked great. Nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks things can be wore backwards. Or inside out. Or upside down.

dress: Nordstrom
tank: Gap
belt: Target
shoes: RocketDog via DSW

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Liebster

You saw this outfit in a picture on Boxing Day - a lunch date with one of my best friends. We stopped on our way home to take these pictures just before the sun went down. It's easy for me to get annoyed at our crazy, ever-changing weather in Colorado, but beautiful 60 degree days in December (and January. and February.) and really pretty sunsets & drives remind me that this is a beautiful place to live.


Last week, I was nominated by Paige over at Life's a Party - Dress Like it for The Liebster Award, which is given by bloggers to new blogs with smaller followings but lots of potential. Thanks so much, Paige!

The rules of The Liebster Award:
Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog (check!)
- Answer the 11 questions they asked (below)
- Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following, but a lot of potential (I would, but to be completely honest, I don't know know 11 other bloggers with a smaller following than myself - I follow plenty of other bloggers, but I don't know 5, let alone 11, that are smaller than myself. We all have to start somewhere!)
- Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer (see above)
- Notify your nominees (and again, see above)

Here are Paige's questions for me to answer:

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Hmm, definitely spelling & grammatical errors

2. Where is your dream vacation?
Somewhere on a beach

3. Statement necklace or arm candy?
Statement necklace - I just got several more this past week at Old Navy!

4. Where's your favorite place to shop?
Hmm, anywhere with pieces I love [that I can afford!]

5. What is one thing in your closet you could not live without?
Any of my skinnies

6. Why did you start blogging?
Several reasons: 
1) to help to develop my personal style
2) I love reading other blogs, so I thought "Why not?"
3) to make me dress up a bit every day, rather than jeans and a plan t-shirt
4) I have a lot of clothes, so what better way to wear them and then share them? 

7. What's your favorite phone and/or tablet app?
Instagram - lovelovelove

8. What's something your readers probably don't know about you?
I'm driving a new (to me) car, and I just love that it's a sports-meets-luxury goes fast...and it's awesome
9. Favorite fashion trend?
Print mixing

10. What's your biggest blog goal for 2014?
To grow. growgrowgrow.

11. Favorite TV Show?
We don't have cable right now, so I'm watching re-watching all of Ugly Betty on Netflix

sweater: Aéropostale
leggings: Target
boots: Rack Room Shoes (sort of similar below)

SHOP THE BOOTS (sort of)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mr. Picks Mondays: Blue & Brown

Sorry for the indoor pictures - it was not pretty outside. We're under a blizzard
warning, or something like that. And it was SO nice this weekend...

Today, he picked out the top & bottoms - I got to add the sweater. Which didn't seem necessary at lunchtime, but by 3 o'clock today, wasn't warm enough!

I'm a newbie poser - I'm working on it, promise!

The verdict is still out on these pants. I've had them FOREVER, and I hemmed them so I could wear them with flats, or shorter heels. But they're such a wide leg, on such a short person - what do you think? Keep them or toss them?

Top: gift from a friend
Sweater: Eddie Bauer
Pants: Kohl's
Shoes: MIA

I know it's not Thursday, but here's a throwback for you, anyways :D

*why am I cheesing so big? If I remember correctly, this was around 6 am*

Here's me in this same sweater, my first day of my senior year of high school...proving that I hang onto clothes for a long time. Too long? But I love the color, so I just can't part with it!

Sweater: Eddie Bauer
Shorts: Old Navy (still have those, too!)
Sandals: Payless (those are gone, proving I CAN get rid of things. Sometimes...)