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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

mild costume change

I wore this recently on a Friday. Nothing too fancy - just a button up and a chambray skirt.
And after work, I did a quick costume change to meet up with a friend for one of these.

Bright pink shorts in place of the skirt. A bit more appropriate for a casual Friday afternoon beer with an old friend. Thinking I need to do that again - and soon!

shirt: J. CREW (thrifted)
skirt: thrifted
shorts: Old Navy
sandals: DSW

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dressing for America's Birthday, Part II

Since this Friday is the 4th of July / America’s Birthday / Independence Day / one of the best days of the year, here is my second patriotic / festive outfit idea that I’m sharing: a tank top with stars all over it, and a simple chambray skirt that allows for lots of frolicking and cruiser-riding, which are two things I’m very into.

So, as you think about what to wear when you celebrate the 4th of July, be sure to wear something you can frolick and be ultra-American in. I suggest it be red, white, AND blue, and covered with stars & stripes, but that’s just me - I like to obnoxiously celebrate America (proof: here and here).

tank: WalMart
skirt: thrifted
sandals: Born via DSW