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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

room to grow

Not my most flattering dress, look, or phase of life, but this dress fits over the bump (with a little room to spare!). So, wear it I shall.

I found it at a consignment shop with my Mama when I was about 20 weeks - she kept telling me to get clothing that was big, because I'd need the room. I couldn't quite wrap my head about how big my bump would get with this little babe, but, she was right (as she usually is). I'm glad I listened and brought home this short-sleeve chambray dress, even if it's pretty shapeless and not my most flattering piece of clothing (or item of chambray).

*all items are part of my Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

vested chambray

Oh look! All the pretty fall colors! Fitting, since these pictures are from this fall...and just now making an appearance...I digress...

Beautiful aspen trees in the mountains are the perfect backdrop for just about anything. Truly. They add an element of "nature" to everything, and somehow, magically, seem to complement anything they're paired with.

Enough with my love song to aspens - let's talk about my outfit. That's why you're here, yes? This is a simple, layered, fall look. Chambray dress, white vest + booties (not easily seen: aspen leaf earrings - they're a real thing, trust). When you need a little more warmth than just a thin dress, a vest is the perfect option - it adds dimension without overwhelming the entire look. And of course, booties - perfect for bare legs with skirts or dresses. However, this look could be easily adapted for the colder weather we're experiencing right now - add tights and a scarf, and voila! Colorado winter chic!

chambray dress: Kohl's
white denim vest: thrifted
ankle booties: Old Navy

Friday, August 7, 2015

switching it up

This chambray dress is such a wardrobe staple that it gets worn pretty often. And I keep trying to think up different ways to style it. The latest I've come up with: this tan and brown belt with brown wedges. I added a headband and some jewelry to add a little more dimension.

When you wear the same pieces over and over, do you wear them the exact same every time, or try and switch it up?

chambray dress: Kohl's
belt: Target
brown wedges: DSW

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

30 for 30: day 15 + day 16

Can you tell I'm playing some catch up with these two-a-day outfit posts?

"Two-a-day outfit posts, just as hard as working out twice a day."

not really...

Please disregard my above attempt at being a boss, and enjoy these two 30 for 30 looks I'm sharing with you this (gray, rainy, and cold Colorado) Saturday morning.

day 15

shirt: thrifted (Target)
scarf: Target
blazer: c/o Aéropostale
dark skinny jeans: c/o Aéropostale
flats: Target

day 16

chambray dress: Kohl's
scarf: WalMart
belt: Target
tassel flats: Target

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

30 for 30: day 1

I mentioned the other day that I was going to complete another 30 for 30 style challenge for the month of April. If you're new around here, I pick 30 items and have to style 30 outfits with only those items. It usually lasts about a month, give or take a few days (I mean, I AM posting my first outfit on the 5th day of April...).

So, sit back, relax, and watch me create 30 outfits (hopefully 30 different outfits) with 30 items that I picked from my closet.

You’ve seen this chambray dress and sandals several times before (here, here, and here). So, instead of boring you with the same old thing (and on the first day of my style challenge!), I spiced it up with some leopard.

I wore a leopard print button up UNDER the dress, and also added a leopard print belt. Yes, they're two (slightly) different leopard prints, but since leopard is a neutral (truth fact. look it up.), it works. Or, if it's too busy and you think it doesn't work, then let's call it creative print mixing.

Sometimes I worry that too much leopard is just too much, but this strikes just the right balance, by allowing the collar and sleeves to peek out from under my dress.

And this is my favorite part. The shirt has a tab and button thingey-deal to hold up a folded sleeve. And so does my dress. So, being the fancy sleeve folder that I am, I used the tab on my shirt, and the button on my dress to keep my sleeves up.
And I dig it.
So much. 
First time I've tried it, and I love how it turned out.

chambray dress: Kohl's
leopard print button up: WalMart
leopard print belt: thrifted
metallic sandals: Target

Friday, February 20, 2015

you do not

I know yesterday I talked about being cold and wearing a beanie for warmth + several other layers + furry boots + a down vest. But today, it's all about a chambray dress, light scarf, bare legs, and boots.

When the temperature reaches the 60s in the middle of winter, and the sun is shining,
you do not question.
You do not wear 18 layers.
You do not pass GO.
You do not stop to collect $200.
You wear a dress, ditch the tights, and ditch the heavy jackets.
At least for a few days.

dress: Kohl's
henley: Express
cardigan: Banana Republic
scarf: WalMart
boots: Nordstrom

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

back to accessorizing

Back to accessorizing - scarves, bags, glasses, tights and jewelry. One of my favorite things about this dress is the myriad of ways it can be dressed up or down - simple with nude sandals, a little more funky with neon shoes, or a bit more complex with shades of blue and red and new boots (above). It's also roomy enough that I can layer underneath it, instead of just on top. I'm not saying I'm a layering expert, but I find it a bit more challenging to layer in unexpected ways - UNDER a dress, as opposed to piling layers over the top of what I'm wearing. 

dress: Kohl's
shirt: thirfted (French Connection)
scarf: WalMart
tights: Old Navy
boots: Frye
bag: thrifted

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Chambray Away

The chambray shirtdress makes another appearance. This was the day after we drove* back from a wedding in Missouri (most of the day was spent crossing Kansas - I cheered when my beautiful mountains came into view), so a one-stop-shop to get dressed was pretty great.

Dress and bright shoes – done.
Count it.

And I just got back from another trip yesterday, so a short post it is (I spent the 4th in Florida with my family and good friends - got the sunburn to prove it).

dress: Kohl’s
sandals: Target

*btw, I finished 3 books on the way to and from the wedding – thank you, Dramamine II!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Oh Hey. Chambray.

I’ve worn this dress several times before (check them out here), and every time I do, I’m again reminded of the sheer brilliance of it. 

Shirt dress. 

It’s perfect in it’s simplicity. It’s lightweight, easy to dress up or down (obviously, I leaned towards casual), and the best part of wearing a dress: it’s a WHOLE entire outfit in 1 piece of clothing. 
Is there anything better? 
Raise your hand if you’re into keeping getting dressed simple.

*raises hand*

dress: Kohl’s
Cleopatra sandals: WalMart