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Sunday, May 3, 2015


These pants are quite the throwback. Junior, maybe senior, year of high school. And whenever it's closet clean out time, I just can't part with them (you can't see it in these pictures, but they have a small pinstripe).

I was about to toss them (they're kind of a funky fit, and really wide-legged, and what do I wear with them?), but my friend Amanda gave me some new ideas for them. And so, life was breathed back into these old pants. I chose a baseball tee, plaid tennis shoes, my trusty cognac faux leather jacket, and of course, my aviator-style sunglasses with monogrammed croakies. We'll call this
"casual, menswear-inspired, almost-but-not-quite-vintage wide-legged pants."
How's that sound? ;)

And please wish me luck - currently I'm running 13.1 miles (I use running very loosely) down a canyon, into Old Town, where I hope to have a beer waiting for me at the finish...

shirt: J. Crew Factory
pants: GAP
faux leather jacket: c/o Aéropostale
plaid tennis shoes (or, as my sis-in-law calls them, "tenny pumps"): Coach via DSW
sunglasses: Smith Eyewear via The Eyes Have It
croakies: Etsy

linking up with Saltwater and Stilettos

Monday, January 13, 2014

shirt & tie

Recently, Paul Fredrick contacted me about their Spring Clothing Line for 2014. Having never heard of them before, I did some research and I really like what I found on their website. They are a menswear retailer, offering a variety of mens styles, ranging from more casual shirts to suits & ties, accessories (engraved cufflinks. love.), and they carry big & tall sizes and styles for the taller guys in your life
(I've got two who stand about 6'2"). 

What drew me in to their shirt collection was the bright colors, and the sharp looking patterns. Oh, and they have non-iron shirts - hallelujah (as the designated ironer in our house, I love his non-iron shirts a whole lot more than the ones that need a press)! And then, the way they're paired with the ties. There is some really impressive print-mixing going on (and above, too - I am digging the whale tie). 


Being married to a man who wears a shirt and tie almost every day, and having a brother and dad who do as well, I know that if they see a shirt and tie combination they like, that is most likely the way they will wear that shirt and tie themselves. So, why not show them some great combinations that might be something they (or you!) would have never thought of? They'll look pretty fashion-forward at the office, in the boardroom, the courtroom, or wherever their day takes them.

Paul Fredrick guarantees a perfect fit, offers free exchanges and easy returns.

Be sure to let me know what shirt and tie combination you pick out for the man (or men!) in your life! I'm thinking some of my Mr's work shirts need an upgrade...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Print Mixing (before it was cool)

I wore this a few weeks back, and have been scrambling to make sure I got it up in time to link up with Bri for Third Thursday Threads over at Work Clothes, I Suppose. Is it just me, or is this time of year so much busier?? I can't keep up! Especially on this little blog here :(

So, I've been dying to wearing this sweater vest again. You won't believe how long I've had it...

High school. 

And not just right before I graduated...more like sophomore year-ish for DECA competitions. Interested in hearing more about DECA? I've got a whole schpeal I'd love to share! Basically it's a marketing club. I was the President my senior year, and went all the way to Nationals in Orlando once, and to the State competition all 3 years. It's fun playing grown-ups for a few days and getting to dress up. Oh, and traveling to cool places with your friends. And winning at competitions.

I must give credit for this sweater vest and the striped button-up underneath it to my sweet Mama. I remember she found both items on the clearance rack at GAP. I would have never thought to put a striped shirt under a striped sweater vest! (to be honest, I would have never thought to look twice at a sweater vest) My mom was print-mixing before it was cool, you guys. Oh, and she helped me pick out these loafer/oxford style shoes, too (again, they were purchased in the same "time period"). The layered necklaces above were wholly my idea, but all 3 belonged to my grandmothers before me. You could say inspiration and style run in the family ;)

shirt: GAP
vest: GAP
jeans: Kohl's
shoes: DSW?
necklaces: 2 Grandmas with good taste