Saturday, June 29, 2013

30 for 30: Day 23 & Day 24

Day 23

So, the first night of our trip, most of my extended family was at dinner. Then my sweet Dad announced to everyone that I have a blog. I turned bright red and mumbled a description to the whole table about how it's "about my clothes, and what I wear..." Shortly after, we headed outside to take my outfit pictures. My brother & uncles knocked on the windows since they could see us, and this is me waving back. Cue red face.

hamming it up for my photographer for the week: my Dad. we're  besties. true story.

So, my Dad spilled the beans on my blog. Not that it was a big secret, but it's awkward to just tell people you know and love "So, I write things on the internet and post pictures of myself." So I guess I'm glad my Dad just blurted it out to everyone - I gained AT LEAST 3 new readers. Hi family!!!

Day 24

that is a fish. jumping. RIGHT BEHIND ME.

our view for the week. I love my mountains but this is nice, too :)

me & Dad

I taught him how to pose like a sorority girl: skinny arm & head tilt. However, he didn't get the memo to hold his drink out of the time?

this is me wearing my brother's size 14 flip flops. I get a kick out of it...

A few more tidbits about my family reunion trip are headed your way, and of course, the rest of the my 30 for 30 challenge. I'm not too original with what's left, but packing everything in a carry-on really limited my options. #firstworldproblems


  1. Good for your Dad! You should totally be proud of your blog it's really great!

  2. Sunset light does great things for you, as does that denim jacket. Love your braided ponytails. Love your dad. Love this blog. Love you.