Monday, May 6, 2013

We did it!

My Dad & I at the race expo the day before our half-marathon.

We did it! We ran 13.1 miles!

We started together, and we finished together (and ran the whole thing together, of course). Our time was 2:37:07, with an average pace of an 11:59 mile. We stopped twice - once for me to put on a blister band-aid, and the other to use the restroom and apply another blister band-aid. We slowed at the aid stations for water & Gatorade. Somewhere (maybe mile 9?) I asked if we could walk for about 100 yards. My dad said "Um, no!" and I'm so glad he did , because I can proudly say I ran the entire race!

We got on a bus to take us up to the start at about 5 AM, got to the start about 5:45, and started the race at 6:30. It was a mostly downhill course, with a few tiny uphill areas - we ran down a canyon and into town. There was a marathon, 10K & 5K, in addition to our half marathon. The first marathoner to finish passed us around mile 10 or 11, and finished 7 or 8 minutes before us - he wasn't even breathing hard! He made it look so easy! I can't believe he can run 26.2 miles in less time than it took me to do half that distance. My mom & my Mr. cheered us on and saw us around mile 9, and again at the finish. Then took us out to breakfast, then home for naps.

I took the day off work today and got a sports massage - so glad I did. My feet are torn up with blisters, and my legs are incredibly sore & stiff, but I'm so glad I completed the race and didn't walk! It was fun & exciting, but I'm glad it's over. I told my Dad we should talk in a week or so about doing another one eventually. We've thrown around ideas of doing a half marathon at all the major beaches/coasts/oceans - Key West being first on our list (the land of Jimmy Buffett - we're HUGE Parrotheads).

My apologies for the lack of Mr. Picks Monday this week - since I didn't go to work today, I didn't put on anything fancier than yoga pants. I hope you'll forgive me!
Minutes after we finished - FINISH line in the background.