Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Double-y Plaid

if this picture doesn't perfectly encompass autumn, I don't know what does

I thought this was the perfect fall outfit for the perfect fall day. It incorporated some very fall-esque items: plaid, flannel, olive, booties & a down vest. Oh, and the requisite pictures with leaves (above & below). 

The weather this day was perfect, and it made me fall more in like (we're not at love. yet.) with fall. Normally I hang on to summer with every fiber of my being, but this year I've embraced autumn with halfway-open arms. Maybe it's the beautiful colors, or the slight chill in the air. Or that this summer was SO. HOT. Whatever it is, I don't hate it!

don't worry, we were stopped at a red light :)
I really dig the double plaid we had going on
This day was also amazing because this is the day we made an offer on our house, and it was accepted! I can't help but think that both of us in plaid is good luck. Don't be surprised if you see a lot more plaid over the next few weeks!

shirt: Old Navy
vest: (Aéropostale) thrifted
pants: Aéropostale
booties: Old Navy
sunglasses: Kohl's

his shirt: Kohl's

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  1. I love that shirt, I've been all about flannel this year, and greens my favorite color so that shirt is perfect (as far as I'm concerned)! I love that watch too, where'd you get it?

    Also, congratulations on the house!! My boyfriend and I recently bought our first house and it is so much fun moving in and decorating and just having your own place, you'll love it!

    -- SarahChristine

    1. thanks for all the compliments & well wishes! I got the watch at Kohl's a few months back - the brand is Vivani

  2. I swear, if I see anything plaid in a store nowadays I purchase it:) You look so cute with the army green pansy and your matching honey! Thanks for linking up!