Wednesday, November 19, 2014

brunching & accessorizing

This outfit was just about perfect for brunching. The button-up shirt and stretchy skinnies allowed for maximum food intake, with minimal discomfort. And the plaid on the shirt helped to camouflage any food or beverage spills that might have happened...

The oxfords are borrowed from a friend (I've been trying to steal this pair from her for over a year, but she just. won't. hand them over). I added a sparkly statement necklace to glam up the plaid, and threw an old seashell clip in my hair. I belted my pants and half-tucked my shirt - it's a completely different look untucked, try it sometime. And the little teal clutch matched my shirt just perfectly.

Until I started this blog, I would have never:

1) worn these shoes and this belt together (they don't match)
2) worn this clip with this jewelry (they're different vibes)
3) mixed a sparkly statement necklace with dainty gold bracelets (they don't match)
4) worn pants other than jeans or dress pants (jeans were truly my comfort zone)
5) worn a sparkly statement necklace to dress up plaid (shouldn't your whole outfit just be the same aesthetic - dressy? casual? sporty? etc.?)

Look how far I've come! All with a little courage, time, guts, inspiration, and accessories :)

shirt & pants & clutch: Aéropostale
necklace: WalMart
belt: American Eagle
shoes: Frye (borrowed from a friend

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