Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Wedding Date

waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle

in heels, and on tip toe, and he's still so tall and handsome
 A few weeks ago, one of my sorority sisters tied the knot to her longtime boyfriend. They're one of a few other couples I know who have been together almost as long as us (we're coming up on our 8 year dating anniversary next month). Several other sisters were part of the big day, and we all oohed&aahed&sighed over the pretty bride, and danced the night away. My sweetie was even so gracious as to drive us all home. Fun was had by all, and it seems that every wedding we go to brings back great memories of our own big day last June.


Can we do it again?

dress: Urban Outfitters
belt: Target
shoes (not shown): Steve Madden via Plato's Closet

on my Mr.
shirt: Land's End (his initials are stitched onto the cuff! a Christmas gift from my folks)
tie: my Dad
Pants: thrifted
shoes (not shown): Kohl's

I'm normally a white wine fan, but by the end of the night, only a cabernet was available, so of course I had to document me being a big kid & drinking red wine.

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  2. You two are too perfect for words. Will you please have babies sometime? (I make a great nanny)