Tuesday, January 13, 2015

the sweater saga, part 1 + gray all over #9

Let's talk sweaters (this whole "Sweater Saga" will have several parts, let's call this Part 1 - we'll talk numbers today). I mentioned recently that my total count of sweater + sweater-esque items is about 31. And sometimes my interpretation of a sweater is pretty loose. I know to some people, 31 seems like A LOT. And to other people, 31 seems pretty small. And some people have no idea how many sweaters they own, so 31 doesn't really mean anything to them. And for me, that number does not include fleeces, jackets, hoodies from high school or college, ski gear, running gear, or pajamas (of which I have many).

Here's the breakdown of my sweater collection:

14 cardigans
9 pullovers
1 cardigan type sweater, with no sleeves, so it's more of a vest. kind of.
4 nicer sweatshirts
1 sweater dress
1 sweatshirt dres
1 sweater knit maxi skirt
31 sweaters + sweater-esque items in Annie's closet

At times, 31 sweaters feels to me to be a bit much. Other times, I long for more - more textures, more colors, more chunky knits or drapey cardigans or longer pullovers to wear with leggings. In the last few years, I have gotten rid of many sweaters. And I've added a few in, as well. Some are nicer sweaters from J. Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and others came from a variety of places like Target, WalMart, or fast fashion chains. Consider me a high/low fashion mixologist...

The Sweater Saga is to be continued...

striped sweatshirt: Old Navy
scarf: c/o Aéropostale
pants: c/o Aéropostale
boots: The Frye Company via Nordstrom
pea coat: Old Navy

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