Wednesday, December 17, 2014

tights & dresses

By now you might have noticed I'm wearing more tights and skirts/dresses than I have in the past. 

There's a few reasons for that:

1) in an effort to stave off the inevitable mid-winter "I hate everything in my closet because I only wear skinny jeans and sweaters," I'm trying to keep things interesting.
2) I'm taking advantage of the cold, but not yet frigid, temperatures we are bound to experience in January and February.
3) my new Frye boots are great, yet a wee bit snug in the calves, so I'm trying to get them to relax a bit before I pair them with pants.
4) I've started viewing tights as accessories. Sure, they're technically "clothes," and my legs would freeze without them, but wearing different tights with the same dress or skirt changes up my look, just like switching out shoes or jewelry.

So, here's to more tights&skirts&dresses this winter. Until it's WAY too cold outside...

dress: Nordstrom
tank: Kohl's
cardigan: Eddie Bauer
scarf: I made it!
tights: GG Boutique
booties: Old Navy


  1. I have a pair of new boots that are a bit snug and have been relying heavily on tights with dresses for now. Can't wait for them to relax enough to squeeze some skinny jeans in, though :)

    1. yes yes, I'm so glad you know exactly what I mean!!