Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pants Decisions

I wore this combination on a particularly gray & rainy day. Sometimes I like to wear brights when the weather is cold & gray, but sometimes I like to blend right in - it really depends on my mood. 
And what items are not in the laundry...

Lately, I'm loving purple in all shades. Sometimes I just want to put on every purple item I own and dance around and pretend to be a grape. Or an eggplant (it's always food...). Anyone care to join me? 

I got this pair of coated denim on major clearance this past May at Kohl's, from the Lauren Conrad line. It was between these and a pair of (vegan) black leather pants (vegan leather is a fancy way of saying faux leather, because as you know, it is trendy to be a vegan/paleo/gluten free in this day & age). I agonized over this life-altering (hardly) decision for a good 20+ minutes. As you can see, I ultimately went with these pants. I'm just not sure that my blonde hair, blue eyed, sometimes-gets-confused-for-a-high-schooler-self could really rock (vegan) leather pants. However, as my bestie pointed out, this pair of coated denim fills that hole of "badass-ness" in my closet. 
AND, they're purple, instead of typical black. 
AND, purple was my favorite color in the 6th grade.

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gray lace shirt: Victoria's Secret
sweater: Maurice's
pants: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
flats: Jessica Simpson

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