Friday, October 11, 2013

Just Following the Trends, Y'all!

wearing my pups on my clothes. it's cool, right?

5 pointed crown - another ZTA symbol. told ya I sneak 'em in there

Does wearing a bulldog shirt make me look like an over-excited soccer mom? If so, too bad, so sad. 
I love reppin' my breed of pups - they're just so cute! 
And sweet! 
And wrinkly! 
And loud. 
They're very loud. Loud breathers, loud snorers, and loud going up the stairs. 
You would NOT believe how loud they are.
I have a voice memo recorded on my phone of both of them breathing, if you're interested ;)

I am digging the animal-on-the-shirt/sweater trend. I've seen a lot that I would love to take home and make part of my closet, but this is the only one I've been able to pull the trigger on. But that's ok, it's got a pretty special animal on it. 
Now, to find a shirt with TWO bulldogs on it - one that's mostly white with his tongue sticking out, 
and the other brown & white...

shirt: J CREW Factory
sweater: Ann Taylor
jeans: Trends
shoes: Kohl's

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