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Thursday, June 20, 2013

30 for 30: Day 12

my best portrayal of angst
3 things:
1) I sure like to lean against walls a lot
2) apparently both of my legs can not be straight at the same time
3) when I smile, my eyes appear almost closed. it's ok - my mom & my big brother (and most of my extended family on 1 side) experience the same thing. laugh lines, my friends, laugh lines.
working on toning those arms of mine...takes longer than 1 arm workout, turns out...
Lara, this is for you. How is this for a real smile? ;)

Hiya! I'm still here - don't you fret! This weekend was crazy busy and this week got away from me. And also I'm trying to go to bed a lot earlier so I can run before work in the morning. So that means when it hits 8:30 I'm working on getting myself into my comfy bed - Memory. Foam. Mattress. Y'all. Life changing. 

Anyways, hope you had a great week! I'll be back with an update on the fire, a wedding, the Tough Mudder, and more pictures of my clothes, and me wearing those clothes.

Ta ta for now!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

30 for 30: Day 3

I found this dress at ARC 2 winters ago. It was inside out, stuck in between 2 other dresses, and kinda tucked back in the rack. It fit, and it was a basic navy blue dress that would go well with a lot , so it came home with me. Only after I got home and took it out of the washing machine did I discover the ties on the shoulders, the drapey neckline and the pockets! I love it , but sometimes the way the pockets hit make my hips look rather large. Solution: my optical illusion trick

And also, I wore my denim jacket over my dress for work. I try to never wear anything sleeveless to work, even if the straps are pretty wide. We have a pretty casual dress code, but I don't ever want to be reprimanded for inappropriate clothing choices. I'm the youngest person in my office, but I try to NOT dress like a student or a recent graduate who has no idea how things work in the real world/has no idea how to dress like an adult.

I'll be catching up on my 30 for 30 posts this evening & tomorrow - stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dressing Down a Sequined Skirt

this is the skirt I was telling you about from Kohl's

So, what do we think of my new sequined skirt??? I'm a BIG fan and I have BIG plans for this fancy skirt - trust me!

Above is what I wore to a friend's graduation party. I couldn't wait to wear my new skirt, so I dressed it down with a t-shirt and flat (but fancy!) sandals. The jacket was in flux all day - I was too hot, then I was too cold, so it was off and on the entire time.

My t-shirt is from Tour de Fat, a bike parade sponsored by New Belgium Brewing. Everyone dresses up in goofy costumes and rides their bikes along a marked route, then celebrates with a festival and lots of beer. I volunteered at last year's Tour de Fat pouring beer with some folks from work and got this t-shirt. Love the color, and love the design. New Belgium Brewing is a pretty cool place that brews Belgian-style beer, is employee owned, runs on alternative energy, and encourages alternative forms of transportation, hence, the bike parade. If you ever get the chance, you should check out a Tour de Fat near you and celebrate bikes - it's quite the experience!

***ERRRR - switching gears***

Let's talk about my hair. It's really not doing me any favors in these pictures, is it? It's pretty long, but it's also very fine, so I lose a lot of volume and thickness towards the ends. I've got a hair appointment this weekend and I'm debating switching it up majorly. I'm hesitant to lose any length - my hair grows SO. SLOWLY. and it's taken what feels like forever to get it to this length (6+ years). I've had bangs several times, and as you can see, have grown them out. I did get highlights at my last appointment, and while I like how they broke up my hair color and added some light, I think I'd like something more drastic so I'm not such a "dishwater blonde." Any suggestions/thoughts/ideas for my locks?

Jacket: Old Navy
Shirt: Tour de Fat
Skirt: Kohl's
Sandals: Sears