Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Photo Bombed

Sometimes I can wear kids clothes. Like this vest. It's blue, it has glitter, and it's from GAP Kids. A friend of mine purchased this several years ago, and once upon a time, this friend gave me several bags of clothes she was getting rid of. In one of those bags was this sparkly blue vest. From GAP Kids. 

And now, you see it here, on


I realize that everything (except my tanktop) in this post was thrifted, bought secondhand, or a hand-me-down. Would anyone be interested in hearing my thrifting tips? I just love a good thrift store - I've found some really great things! Let me know in the comments!

photobombing. she can't stand to not be included. even in blog pictures!
linking up: 

shirt: thrifted (Ann Taylor LOFT)
jeans: Trends (consignment shop)
shoes: thrifted
vest: hand-me-down from a friend


  1. haha LOVE the photo bombing! haha and I love all of your thrifted everything..always....I got an idea! Send me your thrift tips with some pics of you to my email and I will feature it on next weeks thrifters anonymous meeting ;O) Love seeing your finds...and your baby :O)

  2. Too cute, as soon as I ready the words PHOTOBOMB, I scrolled quickly to find it! Hopped over from #thriftersanonymous - Happy Hump Day Wednesday!