Friday, January 24, 2014

"Why Would You Wear Shoes that Make You Not Know How to Wear Your Pants?"

I really like the color of this sweater, and it's perfect to pair with this flannel button up. However, the sweater is very lightweight & not-quite-almost sheer, and would look funny with a dark button up shirt underneath it. So, I pulled the ole' switch-a-roo and wore the sweater UNDER my flannel shirt (kind of like a regular long sleeve shirt), and VOILA! I packed a punch with neon while keeping the rest of my outfit pretty simple (and warm).

I didn't get the chance to take pictures of this outfit when I was in Minnesota, but I did recreate it for  blog pictures just for you! 

As I was putting my booties on, I asked my Mr.

"How should I wear my pants? Tucked in? Rolled up? Or just however they end up?"

He replied with:

"Why would you wear shoes that make you not know how to wear your pants?"

I cracked up at this and could hardly get out my answer to him:

"Because. I like them. And, and, *giggle* they. are. fashionable."

So then, a few minutes later, I put on my snow boots (since they are what I wore when I wore this outfit in Minnesota) and asked him:

"Do these pants look ok? Do they look ok with these boots?"

I got the same response.

But what I really meant was "Do these pants fit me funny?"

The point is, sometimes you have to question how to wear your pants when you wear some funky little booties. Because getting things right and feeling comfortable in your own skin when it comes to fashion & trends takes time. and lots of experimenting. 


shirt: Old Navy similar below
sweater: Old Navy similar below
pants: thrifted (Joe Fresh) similar below
booties: Old Navy exact & similar below
snow boots: SOREL exact below
scarf: Aéropostale


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