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Thursday, August 21, 2014


 Several weeks ago, my parents came to visit for the weekend. My Dad and I ran a 10k race Saturday morning. We coordinated our outfits (obvi) and ran the race together. Even enjoyed a beer together afterwards. Every time we run a race, my Dad says "Wasn't that fun?"
And I always respond with "Fun isn't the word I would use..." 

I do enjoy running, but during the race, I can only think "Uggh, when are we DONE???"
Afterwards, I'm so glad I did it. But during is a whole different story. 

at the start. matching Margaritaville visors
after the race (from Instagram) - enjoying post-race beers

Here's what I wore to run the 10k. My Dad has the same shorts and we both wore orange tank tops. And he wore his orange shoes, instead of green ones.
We got stopped a few times and asked where we got our shorts - I got mine from Soark. They've got several other flags, and running tights/leggings, in addition to shorts.

I just ordered new running shoes and they're white, so, bye bright orange Mizunos
*sniff sniff*
(I just got the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s. The orange ones above are the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s. I have yet to break in the new ones - stay tuned...)

this is me telling my Dad to stop trying to get fancy with the picture taking...

tank: WalMart
shorts: Soark
shoes: Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s (from a local running store)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Neon = Fast

I got some new stuff from Aéropostale. Not just regular clothes (I did get some of those, too), but more running stuff! Which is perfect, because my Dad and I are doing a 10k early this Saturday morning...
Oh, and I've actually been training for my half this time around!

All of this new activewear is from the Live Love Dream collection at Aéropostale (previously here). I'm a big fan of this stuff - fun prints and colors, quality sportswear (nothing worse than a bad sports bra, amiright?), all for very reasonable prices, just like everything else at Aéropostale.

I have a theory that neon makes me run faster. So I opt for bright and loud neon when I run. Bright shirt. Bright shoes (you can see me coming from a long ways off). Bright sports bras. Bright e'er'thang. It's tough to find neon running shorts, but don't worry - I'll keep looking.

shorts: LLD #BESTBOOTYEVER Volleyball Shorts <-- the name of these cracks me up.
They say volleyball shorts, but I've worn them running a few times. While there is less coverage, I've added them to my running bottoms rotation. Sometimes it's nice to switch things up, y'know?

I really like these shorts - the paint splatter print is so fun, and a fun change from my stash of black and navy shorts. They're a bit shorter inseam than I'm used to, but that's not a big deal - I have shorts in all different sizes, fits, and inseam lengths. However, I do think I'm between sizes - the tush and legs of the shorts fit great, but the waistband is a wee bit big. Story of my life lately - clothes fitting in one area, and not another!

shoes: Mizuno

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Painting Pups

If you've ever wanted to know what my dogs would look like as a painting, here they are:

We went to a local painting place, Pinot's Palette, and painted pictures of our sweetymcsweeties. We sent in pictures of the pups beforehand, and the studio converted them to a black & white gradient, then glued them to the canvas. With some beer and wine and lots of instruction, we slowly but surely painted our pets. I really enjoy doing this type of thing, but lack any artistic skill, so about twenty minutes in, when I've botched up my painting more than a few times, and lost all patience, I'm donnnnnne. And start creeping on everyone else's projects. And drinking more wine. 
And questioning my purpose on this earth if I can't paint a decent picture of my really sweet and handsome Turbo...

But anyways, here are our finished projects. We hung them up in our living room. While they DO resemble our sweeties, I prefer the real live ones to love on :)

Oh, and here's what I wore to paint. Of course I wore an apron over this ensemble. I also wore this to have breakfast with a friend that morning, which was splendid.

And then I ran a 10k that evening
We'll call that a success. Who cares about time or pace? I didn't stop and I didn't die, and I didn't feel like dying right after, or the day after. #winning

chambray: Kohl's
shorts: Old Navy
sandals: Target