Saturday, December 7, 2013

30 for 30: Day 29 & Day 30

Day 29

Aaaah, Day 28. Day 28 was filled with turning in the keys to our apartment (!!!), a(nother) stop at The Home Depot, a trip to Kohl's, and some celebratory/farewell-apartment TCBY. Busy busy days, I tell ya! 

I threw on my chambray & corduroys with my oxfords - I've hardly worn those shoes during this challenge so I wanted to make sure I got another wear in during my 30 for 30. 

Day 30

The weather this day (and really all of Thanksgiving weekend) was beautiful - high 50s at the end of November! Unheard of! 

So, to commemorate the last day of my 30 for 30 challenge and this occasion of warmth & sunshine, I wore a dress. Without tights. For the last time until March/maybe April/probably May. I'm glad I got in my last bit of sun & bare legs - we've been hit with well below freezing temperatures this past week. It's so cold it hurts to breathe! And a short walk to my car in the parking lot at work is enough to make my whole face numb - BRRRRR! Good news is, I've been pulling out a lot of my sweaters...!

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